Cutting Edge Periodontist

"Is Seeing a Periodontist Worth It? Getting dental help is important if you want to maintain healthy teeth and mouth. Visiting a periodontist regularly can help patients maintain healthy gum while also saving them from painful gum diseases. If you have ever wondered if visiting a Burbank periodontist is worth it, your answer is Yes! Visiting a periodontist helps with the early detection of periodontal diseases. When periodontal diseases are left untreated, they can lead to complications like bleeding gums, teeth loss, receding gum, serious infection, and even bone loss. Some of these complications are reversible but others are permanent. Periodontal diseases are often progressive and early detection can help to reverse any damage that may have been done. What are Periodontal Diseases? Periodontal diseases are serious infections that affect the gum. These infections may be caused by a lack of proper oral hygiene, lifestyle choices, genetic factors, hormones, and more. Periodontal diseases sometimes present obvious symptoms. Some of the common symptoms of periodontal diseases include red gums, swollen gums, bad breath, loose teeth, bleeding gums when flossing or brushing, as well as pockets between the teeth and gum. When any of these symptoms are noticed, it is best to visit a periodontist as fast as possible. The dental professional will take a look at the problem and offer the needed help to address the situation. Your periodontist can also ask questions about your brushing or flossing habits and educate you on how to improve your oral health. Is Periodontal Disease Reversible? Periodontal diseases, at the earliest stages, are often reversible. However, when the issue has become complicated, it may be hard to reverse. The treatment of periodontal diseases largely depends on the stage of infection. Some of the common, cost-effective treatments for the dental problem include non-invasive treatments like scaling and root planing to cleaning areas below the gumline. This cleaning helps to get rid of bacteria accumulation in the gum pockets. It also makes sure that bacteria can’t adhere to the root of the teeth. Periodontists also offer LANAP laser dentistry which is focused on removing the diseased tissue inside the pocket. The procedure also removes bacteria below the gumline. The procedure is painless, non-invasive, and safe. Antibiotics and other targeted medicine may also be administered to help the body fight bacteria and infection. Periodontists also offer surgical intervention to address periodontitis. Some of the common surgical interventions include Burbank dental implants for the replacement of lost teeth due to periodontal diseases. We also offer Burbank tooth extraction services to remove decayed or rotten teeth from the mouth. We do gum surgery to repair receding gum lines and improve the function of the gums and teeth. Our periodontists also offer dental crown lengthening services and can also help patients with the regrowth of their jawbone and gym after it has been destroyed by periodontitis. What is Periodontal Maintenance? This is continuous maintenance care for the teeth and the gum. Patients can visit their periodontist routinely, usually twice a year, to have their teeth looked at. During these routine maintenance visits, a lot of services can be done including dental cleaning by a dental hygienist to prevent the accumulation of plaque and tartar. For patients who are conscious about their smiles and are looking for Burbank gummy smile correction procedures, our periodontist offers the right procedure to address it in a safe and welcoming environment. "

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